Bedford County Library History


In 1943, school officials conducted a survey of Bedford County.  They found that of the 8679 pupils attending public schools, 900 did not have access to any kind of library.  In other words, about 10% of the school population was entirely missing the wealth which is within the printed volume.

As a result, the Bedford County Library was established, with Miss Margaret Aaron as librarian, and with the county and the state sharing in the costs of the program.  This was the 20th county in Pennsylvania to establish a county-wide library service, and the program had grown by leaps and bounds since it's establishment in 1944.

The Current Staff

Matt Godissart -  library director

Becky Claar - assistant director/children's librarian

Teresa McGinnes – cataloger/computer technician/bookkeeper  

Jennifer Elyard - circulation clerk

Mary Lou Bingham – volunteer

Donna Kilcoin – volunteer

Julie Feight - volunteer

David Brunstetter - volunteer



Board of Directors:

Marion Beatty : President

Beth Sellers : Vice President

Mary Ann Martz : Secretary

Dennis Shaffer : Treasurer  

Dorothy Egolf

Gisele College